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The Glass Gallery, L. H. Selman, the premier art gallery in Chicago, is a name that has been synonymous with the finest antique and contemporary paperweights for over 40 years.
Are you in search for a Millefiori Glass Paperweight? L. H. Selman houses a wide range of antique paperweights made the Millefiori way.
Modern Glass Paperweights by Paul Stankard. Early Life Most commonly referred to as the father of modern glass paperweights, Paul Joseph Stankard is a visionary artist at The Glass Gallery, Chicago.
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The Glass Gallery, L. H. Selman showcases a wide range of the finest antique art glass paperweights from a myriad of talented artists.
The Glass Gallery, L. H. Selman is the country’s premier dealer of fine art glass paperweights, both antique as well as contemporary with an expansive gallery and museum.
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